‘Twas the End of December, and All Through the Blog…

…the author was coughing from all the dust and cobwebs she let build up in here. Dang. So. End of 2019. How are we doing on those goals again?

Goal 1: Finish a project a month. Check. As of right now, I have 18 officially finished objects listed in my Ravelry projects list (a couple were multiples). Most of these were gifts or charity, but I did finish a couple of things for myself. If I can finish one more item almost off the needles (only 5 more rows plus an i-cord bind off to go), then I can have a nice, round 19 projects finished for 2019, not counting projects that aren’t yarn-based. My plan was to primarily finish projects that have been sitting around in various stages of planning or progress, and that accounts for about half of the FOs. Definitely need to focus on getting more of those unfinished ones done.

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Finished the little baabaabaas.

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Goal 2: Read at least 12 new books. Check. I think. I did manage to get 45 items read on my Goodreads list (not counting sets), and I can count at least 12 new ones in there, despite my tendencies to re-read things.

Goal 3: Lose 45 lbs. Um…nope. Sadly this year was one of my worst, movement-wise. 2020 -will- be different.

Goal 4: Write more. Eh. Started the year off well, but I kind of tapered off. I did write more than in the prior year, so it’s a minor victory, but I really want to flesh out some small short story ideas I had and maybe actually turn those scribbles into something worth reading.

Where does this leave us for 2020? Well, we have vision, I tell you! (Ok, I admit, I’ve been wanting to use that pun for the longest time!) January will be the reset month for my diet and exercise plan, to start off the new year on a good foot. I’ve also got a lot of unfinished plans/projects that need to find their way into getting completed. I’m not setting a number for this, but I’ve already pulled out a lot of the in progress items that either need to be finished or frogged. There are a couple of items on my possibilities list for the year, which depend on a lot of things coming together, but I will work toward those personal goals as well. Will I blog more? Who knows — it’s short attention span theatre up in here. However, I’ll be keeping track of my personal goals and sharing progress every now and again. Gotta keep the dust bunnies from multiplying. 🙂

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