Happy dances

Perspective on a windchime

Perspective on a windchime

Is it completely geeky of me to be happy about finally finishing the trophies on a particular PS3 game? Seeing 100% in the list fills me with that gamer girl joy.

In other news, life is still crazy – but I’ve been spending my lunch hours at home to decompress a bit in between the mad schedule of work and chorus(es) and church and a class. You know, because I apparently have too much ‘me’ time. 😀

The class is on photographic techniques; I really wanted to finally take a class to familiarize myself with some of the more technical details of my DSLR. While I get a lot of great shots just playing around, it’s nice to know what I can do to duplicate some of the effects I am going for, rather than just feeling my way around it.

I’ve also started not one, but TWO new knit projects. I think that makes the total of projects in progress around here something like 25, although most of them are firmly in UFO status. Although I moved more than six months ago, my big container of WIPs and UFOs has yet to get opened so that I can determine what to do with the poor languishing things. Right now, though, I want to make a couple of shrugs for myself, and I’ve given myself a time limit in which to do them. Once they are done I can go back to the table runner I was working on – it is about halfway done – and get some of those old projects cleared out as well. My Ravelry queue is insane and it won’t get any smaller if I only spend an hour or two a week with my fiber.

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