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In lieu of watching election results, I’ve chosen to watch a fluff movie or two with a glass of wine and crocheting at hand. I also decided to take a little time out to review my currently reading list, since my looming stack (virtual and real) of books to-read is getting a little out of hand.

First up, Future Grace by John Piper. This book really takes a deeper look into living by faith. The author brings up quite a few good points, but this is a book that takes some slow digestion. I’ve had to re-read several chapters, and I can tell that even after I finish the book, I’ll have to read it again to get even more depth out of it.


Next is Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn. This book was given to me by a friend, and is another that I am slowly working my way through. Alcorn challenges the way you view your possessions based on a scriptural perspective. The author is not calling for people to become aesthetics, but to use the Bible as guidance to managing resources. Whether or not you agree with all the viewpoints set forth in this book, it will definitely give you food for thought on your stewardship of what God has provided.

Life of Luther, by Julius Koestlin, is simply that – a biography of one of the greatest voices of the Reformation. Being that we’re approaching the 500th anniversary of that event, I’ve been trying to read my way through Luther’s works as well as some from the other great Reformers like Calvin, Zwingli, and Augustine. This biography ended up in that stack simply because it was a free download. So far it is rather dry, but I’ll give it a couple more chapters before giving up on it.

An interesting addition to my reading list in progress, also a free download, is Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity, by Lauren F. Winner. Yes, this book would qualify as adult-oriented, but the author is definitely aiming it at young people who are just getting interested in experimenting with sex, as well as older single adults who may or may not be living chastely. She speaks of the Biblical importance of chastity, admitting that it is something she herself struggled with when young. With so many other heavy books already in my reading list, I haven’t gotten far into this one, but even the introduction had me intrigued.

Finally, there is the fluff entry on the list. Everyone needs at least one fluff entry on their currently reading list. 🙂 This one is PartnerShip, by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball. I’ve read all the books in this series, but lately I felt the need to revisit it. McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors, and this book gives me a little brain candy to lighten the load when I just need something fun to read. The first three books in the series are better than later ones, but all of them are interesting in their own way. This is the second book in the series, expanding on the original The Ship Who Sang.

All told, the list of books currently in progress isn’t too bad – I tend to go through the fluff books rather quickly, and don’t always add them to my Goodreads queue, while the serious ones I try to keep track of there simply because I am forever losing my place. Most of those I read via Kindle, but since I have an actual Kindle device as well as the Kindle app on my smartphone and tablet, sometimes the sync across devices doesn’t work properly.

Perhaps by reminding myself more often of what I actually do have in progress, I’ll actually finish reading more books and start to whittle down that list of books I have yet to read. 😀

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