C is for Crocs love!

C is for Crocs love!

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As many of my dear friends know, I am very much a Crocs aficionado. I bought my first pair (of clogs, I am almost embarrassed to admit) in late 2006 as I was recovering from having herniated a disc in my low back.

I was simply unable to find shoes that would allow me to be comfortable standing or walking for any length of time that were also easy to put on without bending, relatively stylish (ok, opinions can vary) and cleanable. The next closest thing were my Birkenstocks – but they fail the third option, because in a very short time Birks can pick up some serious ODOR – and I am not a socks-with-my-sandals type of gal.

Very happily, shortly after I purchased my first pair of clogs, Crocs came out with their Maryjane styles – and it’s been a serious love affair ever since. I’ve was quickly able to retire the clogs completely, and I think even soon my maryjanes may get retired as well, in favor of the much prettier styles that have come out lately. The holes in the vamp of the shoe don’t do a whole lot for me visually, I’ll admit — but the black ones were lifesavers as performance shoes when I had practically no other options due to my back issues.

Now I have the ballet styles and the newest Alice (I think) versions to replace the old MJs for performance, and all the wonderful sandal styles – both with and without heels – to keep me shod during most of the year. I caved in and recently bought one of the canvas shoes (the black and silver on the left) just because it does get cold here enough occasionally that my sandals aren’t enough — and although I have other shoes in my wardrobe that I can wear, I usually drift to the Crocs by default.

So far I haven’t been a huge YBC fan – the three inch heels don’t appeal, and they don’t tout the antimicrobial footbeds as much, but they might eventually enter in the picture as well. Until then, I am VERY happy that Crocs has added fashion to their priority list with their footwear line, outside of YBC. Affordable, fashionable and comfortable.

Now if only they’d make a Cinderella shoe that I could wear with my opera dress… 😀

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