Slowly but surely

It’s the turtle and the hare. Fast out of the gate doesn’t necessarily win the race.

Those who’ve known me for a long time know that I’ve never been a small person. I’ve been the amazon of the family since I was young. Sometimes I joke that I’d have been a great football player had I been born a boy (yes – I know that girls play football, too – but it just got started when I was in school and certainly wasn’t a cool thing to do). Tall and stocky with wide shoulders – and the ever-loving weight problem.

All my life I’ve been a pretty active sort – sports when much younger, less so in high school but still active although not perhaps as much as I could have been. While my endurance level for running was pitiful, I could certainly keep up with quite a few of my ‘fitter’ friends. Still, I put on the “freshman fifteen” (plus) in college, and while still active I spent a lot less time outdoors. In the years since high school, I’ve added at least 100 lbs to my size, and although I wasn’t really fat then, I certainly wasn’t what you could ever mistake for slender.

Two years ago, I suffered a rather traumatic back injury. Last year I discovered another health issue – one rather concerning to a person who has always been ‘healthy as a horse’ (and no Clydesdayle jokes allowed). Not diabetes or heart disease, but one which made the life-long struggles with weight and image make more sense. It had finally become time to take backĀ  my life. With a newfound sense of motivation – because truly, who can maintain motivation when no matter what you do it makes no difference – I’ve worked to lose that 100+ lbs.

In 2008, I lost about half of that excess. Somewhere midyear I hit a plateau. I know that my clothes are fitting better and that I am continuing to eke down, but no real gains (rather, losses) have been made. In November I reaffirmed my goals. I did that again in December, and again in January. It is now February and I am finally starting to see results once more.

Today I put on a pair of pants I bought as ‘goal clothing’. To be fair, they are still a teeny bit snug, but only a teeny bit. I still have a way to go to hit my final goal weight and I have no idea what size I will be then. I want to lose at least 40 lbs more by my next birthday – I have more than six months, and at under 2lbs a week it is a completely reasonable goal, but I know I really need to kick it up a notch in order to meet it.

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Just a diva dilettante who sings, knits, crochets, dances, takes photos, and generally has a good time while she tries to figure out what she wants to be when she retires from her technogeek job.
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