Who would have thought…

…that I would have ever posted more about politics than anything else in my new blog incarnation (especially given that the original was dedicated almost entirely to my crafts, about which I haven’t posted much here yet). I guess, given the times, that it is only natural. It is certainly not my normal modus operandi.

However, I was turned onto a really clever thing that the St. Petersburg Times came up with — it’s called the Obamameter: and it tracks the campaign promises made by Obama (500 of them) and how he is doing on them. So far the score is at 5 kept, 1 compromise, 0 broken, 1 stalled and 14 in the works, with 488 receiving no action as yet. Quite frankly, there are a lot of politicians I’d like this sort of scorecard kept on – all of them, actually. It will be interesting to see how Obama scores in the long run, and why.

I don’t completely agree with everything Obama platformed on – there are some things I’d rather see him compromise – but the majority of these campaign promises are positive change and it will be interesting to see what he can (and does, and even tries to) affect. The commentary provided under the More link for each promise is very well written, in my opinion – so way to go, SPT!

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