I have to admit…

No, I did not watch the inauguration. Nor have I watched the last three or four that I’ve been old enough to theoretically care about.

Quite frankly, I hate media circuses, and political circuses as well. I wish our new president well, and hope he does a good job in office. Other than that, can we please move on now?
I will say this. Despite the fact that I am uncertain of Obama’s political experience (and quite frankly, his politics in general – not that I think we had a perfect candidate pool to choose from), he did impress me by some of the choices he has made thus far – from things done at the swearing in to the way he opens the day. I may disagree with some policies he changes or puts in place – but if you find yourself universally agreeing with any politician (and I mean agreeing with EVERYTHING they do), you may not fully understand all the nuances of those policies.

So, Mr. President – it’s your country to run now. Remember it’s like an angry teenager and like raising any child, perhaps the best thing to hope for is to raise it well and try not to muck it up.

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