Captain Hotpants is coming!

Fillion You heard me right, ladies. Capitan Tightpants/Hotpants (or dang I look good nekkid on a rock) is coming back to prime time television. It’s a show called Castle, and it’s a new crime drama¬† that will be airing beginning March 9th on ABC. Sounds like Fillion plays kind of a male Jessica Fletcher, based on the description of the show, although I bet it is quite a bit more amped up than Murder, She Wrote.

I’ve not been a fan of the more recent crime dramas (I liked the 80s version of crime drama, where a little comedy was thrown in and you didn’t worry about having nightmares about the show) but I might still have to catch this one. Thanks go to Jillian for noticing this one coming up!

ETA: Okay, perhaps a 10pm timeslot is a little later than prime-time, but it’s still Monday night and not the Friday night kiss-of-death timeslot.

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  1. Sammi says:

    YAY! Hopefully this show lasts longer than Drive did….

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