A is for Angels

A is for Angels

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Running out of time to get my first entry in for the ABC along over on Ravelry – so here she is!

I actually have quite a few angels hanging around my apartment. There’s this one that smiles at me each morning as I leave for work, and another that my Grandmother made.

Perhaps it is only natural – Angel was in the name of the street I grew up on, and what we named one of our dogs (perhaps one day I will go into that story here). I am a Christian and rather religious, and often will receive angels as gifts, like the candleholder in the picture you see here – although I think this is by far one of the most intricate and interesting ones I have.

It’s funny, though. My mental image of angels is nothing like all of these. We (people in general) tend to see more female images as angels, I think, because women are seen perhaps as more nurturing, but the Bible doesn’t mention any female names for angels at all. I don’t think of the archangels themselves as male, either — nor the other angels that are mentioned, for that matter — because they are not of human origin.

Somehow having an image of a guardian angel, whether or not this image is anywhere near accurate, is still comforting, however. I firmly believe God sets my feet upon the right path and guides me from harm – but does He do so by using His angels to watch and protect me? Perhaps I won’t know the answer to this question until my dying day, but it is an interesting point to ponder.

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