Sometimes the bumper stickers know all

Wise bumper

Wise bumper,
originally uploaded by Cyndiva.

I was wandering through my 2008 photos…well some of them, anyway. One of these days soon I’ll get around to posting a full recap of my year, but suffice it to say, there are a lot of un-uploaded pics hanging out on my hard drive.

Many of those are baby pics – at least four friends had little ones this past year and I happily went shutterbug crazy when I got the chance. Here and there in the collection I find days when I wandered off to get some photos of this or that location about town, but not much of that. It was a crazy year.

The photo to the left was one of the favorite funnies I came across in the collection… Many of my bumper sticker photos don’t get posted except perhaps to Twitpic, since they are taken from my cellphone camera – but this one I happened across while I had my full gear handy since I was at the LadyBird Wildflower Center that day.

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