With apologies to Granny Weatherwax, naturally.

Once again life has gotten ahead of me, and I find myself unable to use the technology at hand to keep a regular posting schedule up. Funny, that – since before I owned a smartphone I was able to post just fine. Now it’s all tweets and FB entries. 😀

Even though my schedule is only slightly short of insane, I wouldn’t give up the absolutely fabulous rehearsals I have with the choruses in which I perform. Tonight’s rehearsal was a particularly rousing Thing of Wonder – from swahili praise songs I haven’t sung much since college to show tunes to sacred music that would move mountains, and back down to a somber note at the end in Cantos Sagrados – I couldn’t stop moving with the beat, feeling the pulse… I’m still dancing around, unable to get my fingers to still enough to tell the story effectively.

In short, I am THANKFUL for the opportunities I get to truly experience all these wonderful works – not as a bystander, but as a fully involved piece of the music itself. Two straight nights of exhausting but ecstatic rehearsals, which are but a small portion of the work we do for the concerts we’ll perform. The performances themselves will be nothing short of euphoric. God has truly blessed my life.

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