To keep a blog going, we must post once in a while, no? So here’s a status to start the second month of the year. At the end of December, I set my goals for 2019 — a few things at which to aim as life proceeds apace. 🙂 I thought I’d check back in to see how well I got through January.

  1. Finish a project a month. What this actually translates to is getting at least 12 projects completed in 2019 that I had started or prepared for in the past, but just hadn’t gotten through. So far I am ahead of the game – having finished five outstanding projects so far. The one I’m most proud of is finally finishing my Heroes of Yarnia scarf (pic below). This took me almost two years of knitting, mostly because I have a horribly short attention span and always want to start new things. Also done, an 1898 hat and headband that I had started before Christmas, some dishtowels that I first warped up over a year ago, and a no-sew fleece blankie I prepared for also before Christmas. The blankie is probably the least qualified to be on the list, as I had the materials but really worked on it just this last week, but it got done! Naturally, I have several other projects in queue, including plenty of snoozing WIPs that I need to finish.

2. Read at least 12 new books. This goes along with my annual Goodreads challenge to read a certain number of books each year. While I’ve finished five books so far this year, I’m only counting two as brand new (a third one is new to me but it is a reference volume I’ll be referring to a lot over time as opposed to a book I sat and read through). So I’m slightly ahead of the game there. Thankfully a reading club with a few knitster friends is keeping me supplied with ideas for new books to read, rather than revisiting my own extensive library.

3. Lose 45 lbs. This is the toughest status to update. Somewhere toward the end of January, I discovered that my scale was weighing me several pounds light. After I replaced the batteries and resynced it several times, I had lost all my forward (downward!) progress. Still, that was only a minor speedbump. I know that I was already on a downward trajectory, and I’ll be keeping track of measurements over time as well.

4. Write more. This one I’m not counting as a success or failure at this point. I’ve written more at this point of the year than I have at similar times in recent years, but I’m not writing as much as I’d planned. Honestly, I don’t know if anything I write here or elsewhere truly gets read or strikes a chord with anyone who has read it, but I’m performing this part of the exercise to keep that part of my brain active and young. Still some work to do, but progress has been made, I think.

All in all, though January was a tough month for me, it was overall successful. Progress has been made on my goals, and I’m doing better at remaining accountable to them. Onward and upward!

Borrowed this screenshot of TI’s Alpiner. Onward and upward, y’all!

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