Dream Diaries

Disclaimer: Before I get started, please know that I am not looking for any speaking or analysis of my dreams. Treat them as short stories born from my imagination. The subconscious is an odd beast and I just like to capture its meanderings. Thanks!

So. I was in a talent contest. We were at a camp of some sort, and there were only four of us present (four of us left?). There was no audience. The MC was also part of the contest. Only one of the other three was someone I definitely knew, someone I consider a good friend.

The MC really wanted to get the talent show started, and I had no idea what I would do as my talent. Suddenly I remembered that I could sing madrigal pieces that I had memorized, and felt secure in the knowledge that I had the capability of winning. (But who would be the judges?) My friend got a phone call and wandered off just as the MC wanted to start, and I was afraid they would miss their opportunity to perform. The MC was droning on and on – and I was just concerned that someone else wouldn’t get the opportunity to show their talent. It was no longer about winning, but about making sure they were there.

And then the alarm went off.

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