Starting the year off right

Today I turn 35. Mark that well, because it may very well be the last time I admit my real age.

This past year was supposed to be about change – changing my life for the better. Well, there was change, and quite a lot of it was good I suppose – but most of it wasn’t quite in the direction I was hoping. Although I have gotten much more active and taken better care with my nutrition, I still can’t seem to take off any weight. Some of this problem may stem from PCOS, but I can’t pin the blame squarely on that. I’d also planned to try buying property this past year, which didn’t happen — but I am at least in a bigger (and NICER) place and much happier for it.

So just over a year ago I changed jobs, moved into a better place, and in the past year have worked a lot on getting more active. If I can continue that trend in the year to come, maybe by this time next year I will have realized the rest of my goals. Of course, once you hit one goal you’ll immediately find another worth achieving, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As I look back through my blog posts I find that in the past twelve months I’ve fallen away from blogging quite a bit – down to an average 2 posts per month I think – but I’ve gotten more active in social media. This doesn’t entirely surprise me – my favorite job I think was when I was working with the forums (fora?) at my place of employment. Perhaps one day I can settle back into that arena, but for now I am at least mostly satisfied with my job.

Still single, no children – but I’ve gotten more at peace with that, and having 3 of my sisters’ kids nearby gives me younglings to spoil. And to hand back to their respective guardians when they become pills. Heh.

In the meantime, I am still singing, still crafting, and still being a general busy person. TCC just started rehearsals for the fall holiday concert, and I’ll be singing with Conspirare in the spring. I don’t think I’ll be able to financially make a Shanghai trip that I was invited to sing for, but perhaps in 2011 or 2012 I’ll be able to take the next TCC trip overseas.

In crafting news, I finished a couple of projects and I’ve got this beauty currently on my loom.  Oh yes, I’ve rediscovered the joys of weaving — but don’t fear, for I haven’t given up my hooks and needles by any stretch of the imagination. The loom is a heck of a lot less portable, even if my rigid heddle is a travel loom.

So, forward as we mean to continue. This morning I enjoyed a bit of a lie in, but before too long I got up and worked out and had a healthy breakfast. Today I mean to go walking and perhaps do a little shopping as long as I’ve got the next few days off on vacation. (By the way, for anyone interested, Wii Fit Plus is actually much better than its predecessor, but if you want a serious workout I still recommend EA Sports Active. With the former you get more flexibility and balance, but you get more straight up exercise with the latter.)

Time to step away from the computer and go have some fun.

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Just a diva dilettante who sings, knits, crochets, dances, takes photos, and generally has a good time while she tries to figure out what she wants to be when she retires from her technogeek job.
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