Musical Notes

*Achoo!* Sorry, it got a little dusty in here. Life got a little crazy for a while, with its ups and downs. I keep saying I should write more, and yet…

At any rate, it occurred to me at rehearsal tonight that in every group with which I’ve sung, things…happen. The sort of things that require a story retelling later, often to friends over some form of alcohol. Some of these are only funny or interesting to those who have a musical background, and some may amuse only me, but upon occasion I will share here a few of the observations I’ve made. So, here are tonight’s musical notes.

  1. It causes me almost physical pain to see someone mark their scores with pen. Is this just me? Even highlighter usage can be suspect, although that doesn’t bother me as much. Pencils, people! (My elementary, middle, and high school orchestra teachers may now get out of my head.)
  2. Does anyone else consistently use the mnemonic “Every Good Boy Does Fine” for the treble clef lines? Every time we’re told to look at a particular note in the score, I find myself reciting that mentally to find the location. I never have that problem with notes on the bass clef, but then again, I learned most of my music theory playing cello from an early age.
  3. No double-entendre, however unintentional, will ever go unnoticed by the chorus. If, for example, the sopranos are told to sing a particular run as though they were descending a staircase dressed in something silky, the men will instantly lose it. We’re all just a bunch of middle-schoolers at heart.

God blessed me with a talent for and love of music, and I hope that I am returning interest on that talent to His glory. Life may go sideways at times, but music keeps me sane(ish). 😀 I shall be back soon with more musical notes!

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