Fall is here again…

The chilly weather has descended upon us once more, heralding football games and holidays and snuggling under warm blankets. I decided I didn’t already have enough projects in play, and pulled out my long-forsaken loom. Unfortunately, I’d forsaken the poor thing long enough to have forgotten half the steps I need to remember to get the warp started – and then I remembered the Knitters Loom. Ah yes – glorious fun to be had while I re-assert myself in the ancient art of weaving!

The KL I have is the Ashford – although there is another popular model called the Cricket. This little wonder is fast to set up, fast to warp, and fast to get to the business of weaving. Here’s a shot of the warp I set up last night:

New warp on my KL

New warp on my KL

It took me a couple hours to get it arranged how I really wanted it, but now that I know what I am doing, it won’t take me near as long in the future. The warp is cotton Sinfonia in burnt orange, one of the last two skeins I have of that marvelous stuff. It’s a little too stiff of a cotton for me to make the BSS I had thought of and I have enough burnt orange hats, but I felt a scarf would be an appropriate use of this. One light enough for fall in Texas and perfect for those football game Saturdays — at least until it really gets cold.

This afternoon after work I came home and decided to use a white for the weft — Lion Brand Microspun, as a matter of fact. I cannot stand to knit or crochet with this yarn as it is so splitty, but it is so amazingly soft I couldn’t bear to part with it either. So before I was to head off to church for choir, I wove about a foot or so in this. I’ll have to post a picture later as apparently my widget isn’t working at the moment to send from my phone. I’m not entirely sure I like the white and orange together, at least not in a plain weave, but it should be one heck of a soft scarf.

There is one ball remaining of the burnt orange – enough for perhaps another scarf, with a different weft this time. My first scarf on this loom is much like the first piece of work I did on a four-harness table loom, a little hesitant and with a few errors. The errors this time are mainly spacing — which I am not sure whether they are a result of the type of loom I am using or whether they come from user error. Time will tell – and in a couple weeks, I think I’ll take the four-harness out for a spin again.

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