Getting Organized

The end of the year fast approacheth, and as usual, I am not prepared.

Strike that – I can’t say I am not prepared for the end of the year, but rather that I am less ready for time to roll on as quickly as it wishes. Everything that I have to have done for the start of 2009 is done, and yet I feel…like I am missing something. I certainly have plenty of things left to do around the house, but nothing that will stop time in my own personal bubble until it is completed – at least nothing of which I am aware.

On this penultimate day of 2008, then, I will sit here and make my goals for 2009. I do not count these as resolutions, exactly – as resolutions are often things we make with intentions to break. No, these are my goals for now and for the future; some are habits I intend to form or re-form, some are just born of things I need to get done.

  • Lose 50 lbs. I managed to lose about 48 lbs in 2008, and I want to lose at least that much before my 35th birthday.
  • Eat healthier. This is an open-ended goal I try to keep every year; this year it includes planning and preparing more meals at home. I am an excellent cook and I can’t keep using the excuse of being too busy – planning ahead is possible.
  • Reduce debt by half. It is too easy to nickel and dime oneself into spending way too much on personal indulgement and thereby saving way too little. To this end I will limit myself on technology purchases – no upgrades unless something breaks – and will completely audit my spending habits.
  • Sell extra furniture – two large pieces I’ve been storing in my spare room since I moved that I need to sell once and for all so that I can (a) get a little money out of it and (b) stop finding excuses for finally reorganizing that room.

There – I’ve put it to a list, one not too horrible to contemplate – and I’ll work on keeping my eyes to the goal line. Since I can tag things now, perhaps I’ll re-visit this monthly (or more) to see how it’s going…and say a little prayer now and then for strength.

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