The song title asks the right question

Tonight was our first church choir rehearsal of the new season. Of course, I couldn’t miss it. The very first song we sang is so very appropriate to my thoughts about music. How can I keep from singing? God has blessed me with this talent and I am blessed enough to have multiple groups with which to sing, not the least of which is my church choir.

While I admit it was probably more of a workout than my midsection needed, it was exactly what my spirit needed. The opportunity to praise God with friends in a worshipful setting is a marvelous and awesome thing. Now I will admit to being tired, and I will dutifully go lie down for a while. But the music plays on…

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Just a diva dilettante who sings, knits, crochets, dances, takes photos, and generally has a good time while she tries to figure out what she wants to be when she retires from her technogeek job.
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