Forced downtime

Since I am healing from a recent surgery, I’ve been forced into a level of idleness I usually avoid. The downtime is good for me, I know – I tend to rush through life, always pushing ahead, when sometimes God just wants me to slow down a little. While I tend to be good at caring for others, I’m not so good at always caring for myself, or even asking for help. In this, I’ve been incredibly blessed by friends and family who have not let me go unaided – and I am incredibly overwhelmed and thankful for all the love and assistance and prayers and offers of help that I’ve received over the last few days.

To keep my overactive nature under control, I’ve once again pulled out my needles and yarn. Being that it’s already the end of August, I’ve had to give thought to whether I will have handmade items ready for gifts for Christmas – but there are a few other gifts I’ve been working on in the meantime as well. My attention span tends to wander (if it surprises you that I have multiple projects going on at once, you should see how many books I am currently reading concurrently) but I did want to get started on a couple of special items. Right now I am working on something called Bowtie Pi – a crocheted shawl I am making from a multicolored fingering weight yarn. I started a different pattern with this yarn yesterday, got quite a few inches into it, and then decided I would run out of yarn before finishing the length I wanted. So today it has become something new, and I think this version will work out swimmingly.

Pardon the pink PJ bottoms, but comfort in clothing is paramount this week. 🙂

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Just a diva dilettante who sings, knits, crochets, dances, takes photos, and generally has a good time while she tries to figure out what she wants to be when she retires from her technogeek job.
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2 Responses to Forced downtime

  1. Betty Hanawa says:

    Hmmm, I have a pair of pink pajama pants identical to yours. Yet something else we have in common.

    • Cyndilou says:

      If you also had a pair of teal PJ pants with the siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp on them, I’d accuse you of having a wormhole into my closet. 😀

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