Experiencing church differently

When it comes to church services, I will admit that I am very much in favor of the liturgical tradition. Without elements such as the confession and absolution, and the creed, it just seems incomplete to me. That being said, I recognize that we all have differences in how we are spiritually fed, and that some people get more from different worship styles.

This morning I was invited to attend church with my best friend and her family, so I agreed, although I knew that this church uses a much different worship style than I am completely comfortable with. And it was interesting. Yes, I missed those elements of the service that I have come to consider essential – and yes, I felt for the most part that it was more of praise and worship jam session than anything – but as I listened to the music and watched some of the others something struck me. Many of these people really do praise God with abandon, much moreso than I have ever been able to do. True, dancing in the aisles at church just isn’t my style, but when you see true joy on some of their faces and in their actions, it definitely seems as though the Spirit is at work in them.

It’s good to be exposed to different worship styles, if only to more fully realize why certain practices and traditions exist, and to find a more secure place in your own faith. God uses all these things for His own purposes. Soli Deo Gloria!

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