I should know better

Heaven help me, I really do know better than to watch sappy sob story movies right before bed. Curled up on my chaise with my crocheting at hand, bawling my eyes out at a story that – were I to examine it deeper – really isn’t one I approve of.

Tonight’s movie was Rumor Has It, a Rob Reiner film about what happens after the supposed real-life happenings of The Graduate. It’s not what I was expecting, but then again, I didn’t realize what the subject matter was when I popped it into my Netflix queue (oh, those suggested films are pernicious little devils). To be fair, the story line was exceedingly well done, and you truly felt for the heroine of the tale the entire way through. And it doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Aniston has amazingly expressive doe eyes in just about every scene. However, it does bring the concept of “a family affair” into new meaning.

At any rate, it was better than Saarawiya, in my estimation – while that film had outSTANDING music compositions, the plot line left a lot to be desired. Much like tonight’s film selection, that one took the plot down roads best not traveled, in my estimation. Then again, when the narrator of the film is a night-flower, and love intrigues are brought into play, it is still a story worth telling – unfortunately in this case not one told well.

Too bad it is too late at night to watch a true comedy to brighten my spirits – but perhaps a chapter or two of a new book will help. Ah, well – off to bed.

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