A Sense of Accomplishment

For the first time in…well, let’s say a while…my laundry is completely put away. Well, excepting the basket of things for donations and the stack of pants that don’t fit in my much-too-small dresser, that is.

After all that folding, hanging and sorting (and three loads of laundry to boot), I’m a bit beat. What caused this outbreak of domesticity, you ask? Well, it certainly wasn’t the shame of having an overflowing basket of clean clothes consistently at the foot of my bed. I believe I have definitively disproved that — if you can close the bedroom door on it, the mess does not exist. It’s also not that I ran out of clean clothes. Part of the reason I have so many, I think, is because I established the pattern in college of just getting more when I couldn’t find what I wanted. Bad, bad pattern, and one that I believe I’ve mostly broken myself of, but I still have too many clothes even though I go through and thin the herd occasionally.

No, the source of my sudden burst of activity in the laundry area is due to the fact that this week I will be taking a trip. One that requires forethought in planning outfits that travel well, coordinate well, and will flatter me (hey – you never know when you might meet someone :), and in order to meet these criteria I actually needed all my options arrayed in an orderly fashion. No pun intended.

I have in my mind an idea of the types of things I want to pack, but right now I am just flipping exhausted from all that hanging. I am going to reward myself by snagging my crocheting and sitting on the sofa to watch Saarawiya — a movie I’ve been wanting to see since I downloaded the preview on my PS3. Bollywood is not my usual fare, but romantic comedies are, and this promises the fairy-tale romance with a hint of that mystery and fancy that characterizes many Indian films. I can hardly wait… 🙂

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