History has been made

Well, it is official. McCain conceded last night, to my sorrow.

Eh, not completely to my sorrow, I suppose — McCain was never truly a good candidate for office, either. However, no third party candidate in recent history has made a serious bid in the national scene for electoral votes, and we lost out on my preference for candidates back in the primaries. I have to admit that I came close to choosing Obama over McCain at times, but there were several issues that made me refrain, and then the man himself lost my respect as the campaign went on.

Now I pray that God leads him to do a good job as leader of this country and that the single party control of the Oval Office and Congress does not lead to bad decisions being made, as it so easily can. We’ve proven in the past our willingness to be led like sheep by the party banners as a public – and that a single party government is a bad thing (not that we don’t have other global examples of that either…) – so I hope that some form of checks and balances remain.

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