Cleaning the closets

Some people keep skeletons in their closet. Me, I keep yarn. Well, that and other crafting supplies – though they are all mostly contained in just the two closets in my office/studio. This weekend I’m selling some finished work at a bazaar, so I had to pull out the containers that had a few pieces in them – and in the process found a couple of UFOs that I had almost forgotten about.

This cloth is one of my very first weaving projects. It may have been my second or third woven item ever. I was attempting to do a log cabin and made two errors – first, the colors weren’t different enough so the variegated and solid chenilles are hard to distinguish from each other, and second, I don’t think I alternated the colors quite right. The true color is actually a little more brown than this, and I think I might have been aiming for a shawl length. To be finished, this piece needs a fulling bath and the fringe tied off. That’s not going to happen before Saturday, but I think I can manage it sometime soon.

Next out are these two kid-sized hats. One year I went crazy crocheting hats, and apparently these two were left behind. The brown one is done, and the red one only needs an end woven in. In the same pile was a cute pair of baby moccasins, a baby blanket, and a couple shawls that need homes. So to the bazaar they will go!

The last thing I need to go through tonight is my steamer trunk — I use that to store mostly the hand-crafted items I keep for myself, but I think there are a few finished or mostly-finished objects that were destined for sale. Destashing inventory is good. Once the holidays are over, I think I will go through the closets and finally get rid of any excess materials I have. There are some yarns in there I will likely never use myself, and I have more than a few other crafting items that I can re-home.

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