Experiencing South-By

Wow. And…just wow.

I don’t think that I was truly prepared for the awesomeness that is having a badge to SXSW. For all the years that I’ve lived in Austin, I’d never gotten so much as a music wristband for this – although I’d gone to a few parties in my time. Yesterday started off a little slow for me — didn’t get downtown until almost noon — but from the moment I got there you could sense the anticipation and excitement.

Sadly, I only made one of the panels I was planning on, Getting the most out of SXSW Film. I did get quite a few good tips from the panelists, however, and I plan on checking out quite a few resources as a result. My second panel was missed because I got involved in a great game – The Go Game – one which is like a big scavenger hunt and a few other party games combined. The idea is to get involved in whatever you are doing (conference, team offsite, whatever), meet other people and just have fun while you progress from a lowly Freshman to top of the class Senior. I’m a sophomore so far, and pretty close to advancing, I think.

After the panels closed for the day I headed over to the Paramount and caught the premiere of I Love You, Man – a movie that I hope does well, because it is just hysterical! Seriously, the whole audience could not stop laughing the entire way through the movie. It definitely warrants a rewatch at the theater when it comes out next week.

Afterwards I hit up the film opening party, talked to Jamie Pressly and Jason Segel (and got a very blurry phone photo of Jon Favreau) and pretty much had a good old time before I decided I’d had enough excitement for one day and headed on home.

A few other things happened through the course of the day, which I tweeted (naturally), like meeting all sorts of interesting people at meetups and playing SXSW Bingo…but it’s getting late in the morning and I am off for another day!

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