D is for Dome

D is for Dome

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Once again, I am behind in updating my ABC-along pics. This one was actually taken on the last day of February, so within the deadline – it just took me a while to get it blogged. 🙂

For a field trip in that photography class I took, we met at the Capitol building, then wandered around downtown. I played with the various exposure settings from different angles, and decided I liked this one of the dome. It’s hard to tell, but that is actually pink granite. Yes, we have a pink state Capitol. Well, according to the State Preservation Board, it is actually “sunset red”.

This week has been a busy one for me, as I tried to pack two weeks of work in before leaving for vacation. I’m not leaving town — this year vacation came to me in the form of SXSW! Although it doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, I’ve already been to two parties (a CD release and the Austin Tech HH, although neither were officially connected with the festival) and stood in line to get my badge. I’m glad I did that last tonight, because the lines were pretty long — I can only imagine how bad it will be tomorrow.

Speaking of the CD release, I can highly recommend Craig Hella Johnson’s Thorns on the Rose. That was playing in my car as I drove back home, and it is certainly a great set of songs! (And I am not just saying that because he is my director for Conspirare…) Aside from a few times in rehearsal, and once at the Conspirare chamber choir concert for PBS, I had not heard him sing a great deal — and this CD was a pleasant surprise. Craig puts his heart and soul into his performances, and it makes a recording you’ll want to listen to time and again.

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