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Just a diva dilettante who sings, knits, crochets, dances, takes photos, and generally has a good time while she tries to figure out what she wants to be when she retires from her technogeek job.

Where does the time go?

Y’all, it’s late March already. I didn’t think the year was passing so quickly, yet here we are. Generally I’d wait until the start of the new month for a goal check-in, but I’m terribly behind in keeping track already. … Continue reading

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To keep a blog going, we must post once in a while, no? So here’s a status to start the second month of the year. At the end of December, I set my goals for 2019 — a few things … Continue reading

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Dream Diaries

Disclaimer: Before I get started, please know that I am not looking for any speaking or analysis of my dreams. Treat them as short stories born from my imagination. The subconscious is an odd beast and I just like to … Continue reading

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2019: Setting Goals

It’s that time of year again – a time to set goals for the new year to come. The word resolutions is often tossed about willy-nilly, without regard to the fact that we, as a society, have a tendency to … Continue reading

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Today I learned…

Today I learned that exactly one person has visited my blog in the recent past. Well, one human person. One person who told me that my blog was redirecting to another site (due to an error in a sidebar link … Continue reading

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Kenya adventures, section IV

Help, I’m running out of snappy titles! 😀 May is still the rainy season in Kenya, and rain that started about 8 pm yesterday evening did not stop until about 8 am this morning. Grounds at the health clinic that … Continue reading

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Kenya adventures, part C

The third clinic day was a little slow,  slower than expected, perhaps. Or friends from Pipeline explained that it was too cold for people to come – indeed, here you’ll see children bundled up in temperatures that seem too warm … Continue reading

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Kenya adventures, part the second

So…clinics. Our mission here with Vision for Kenya/Vision for Africa is to share the gospel as we hold free eye clinics for the people in underprivileged areas. Some teams head out into the villages, some teams (like ours) work in … Continue reading

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Kenya adventures, Part 1

Jambo, from Kenya! It’s been a great couple of days here,  after the longest travel period I’ve ever taken.  🙂 Forgive the wordy post,  but Internet access has been spotty. I’ll supplement this with photos hopefully later this week. We … Continue reading

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Who I am

I am not good with crowds of people, but I don’t like to be too often alone. I am not a talented writer, but I have lots of good stories to tell. I am full of anxiety, but I am … Continue reading

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